Minimum Orders Requirements

The following products require a minimum order:

Product Minimum Quantity
Knee High 10 dz. per color
Pantyhose 10 dz. per color
Thigh Highs / Stockings 10 dz. per color
Trouser Socks 10 dz. per color
Tights 10 dz. per color

We offer immediate shipping of pre-packed assortments. Please call for explanation of our assortment options.

CIT Group, Inc. and Nationsbank provide factoring and credit checks for Highland Mills. Your immediate assistance with any credit inquiries will facilitate our response to your orders. Untimely response may delay the shipment of your goods. Failure to receive credit approval from CIT Group or Nationsbank will require advance payment. Money order or cashier's check will satisfy this need; however, personal or company checks may cause delay until clearance.

Buyer Supplied Packaging

Packaging Allowances Credit (per thousand)
Knee High Packaging $16.25
I-Board Pantyhose Packaging $20.50
L-Board Pantyhose Packaging $31.25

Multiple Pair Packaging

Multiple Pack Allowances Credit (per dozen)
2 Pair Package $0.10
3 Pair Package $0.15
4 Pair Package $0.15

Additional Service Charges

Description of Service Charge (per dozen)
Additional Sticker $0.10
Assorting to the dozen $0.25
Boxed Pantyhose (not bagged) $0.15
Boxed Knee Highs (not bagged) $0.10
Header Bags (w/ grommet to hangs pantyhose bags) $0.25

Who to Call Concerning…
Order Status… Lisa Padgett / Nora Taylor
Customer Service / Samples… Lisa Padgett / Leah Cloutier
Credit… Nora Taylor
Post Ship Queries… Clarice Adams
Billing… Ann Strickland
Special Styles… Sam Kaplan
Screen printing… Bob Deaver
Packaging David Pressley
Catalog Marc Wojnowich
The Magic Number: (704) 375-3333

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